hanzo7 asked:

With all the things thats going around on the news my wife and I are thinking of getting A GPS tracking device for our child she’s 7 years old and we are afraid of her getting kidnapped or going missing

We want to make it so it’s not noticeable to the abductor if she ever does get kidnapped and we don’t want her to know about it because she might take if off when she hits her teenage phase cause she doesn’t want her parents knowing where she is

So how would you go about doing this.

ashwedeveryday asked:

Alright, I’m tired of having my electronic devices stolen and I’m wondering if there’s a way to prevent it from happening. I’m thinking about getting the new Ipod Touch and I definitely want it to have some sort of protection from thieves. I saw a couple ideas that might work. I saw a ‘bible’ online that when you open it, it has your mp3 player inside. But I really want some sort of GPS tracking device I could put in the mp3 player in case it ever gets stolen. Any other ideas or more information about a small GPS device (c’mon, cell phones have it)? Company names and prices will help out significantly. Thanks guys~
Thanks for the answers guys, but I finally found my solution. GadgetTrak.com. ‘Nuff said. I think I’m in love.

asd a asked:

My friend has an Ipod classic that he got a while back, he wants to put in a tracking device so that if it gets stolen he can track it. Is that even possible? Can anybody put in a tracking device on those Ipod’s? Like a chip or some GPS shiz like that?

Al P asked:

I’m thinkin about buying a new dell laptop and i was wondering if it gets stolen if there’s any way for the cops to trace it and get it back to me without buying LoJack…thanx 4 the help

Michael H asked:

Just like the headline asks. I was wondering if police or another law enforcement agency place a GPS on say your vehicle.

As in this cnn article:


If you found it, would it be legal to disable it and keep/throw it away?

I guess this question goes for any monitoring device placed on your property.

loveorlust asked:

yes a cheating bf,
I need to find a device for a cell phone,
Just for a cell phone,
Please help me !!!
on a t mobile cell

madmarkuk2003 asked:

We’ve all heard stories of computers being stolen and being found via some ingenious detective work when the criminal uses them for web browsing.
But what is they actually have brain cells and just wipe the drive and sell it on? GPS technology is pretty affordable so why not just use a GPS data puller to query it’s location?

Does anyone know of any GPS devices that allow this sort of thing?
Not practical? Pipe dream? What about something similar to GPS dog tracking collars?



Also, a computer does not ‘become a nice paper weight’ when the drive is wiped, all you have to do is install an OS or boot one form a CD.

There are plenty of remote control programs already but I’d like to avoid those in case someone were to get hold of your password for it. The only difference in that system is that the OS is stored on the motherboard.

MAC address? Nice try but that can actually be changed very easily with a single ifconfig command on all real operating systems.


WOW leveling guide

I’m still looking at hardware devices here, can anyone suggest any?

jeff asked:

A friend of mine is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend and there is a tracking device that he installed in her car. We know that he could get into trouble but we need to find the device first. Is there a way?
He calls her whenever she leaves the house and asks where she is going and says he knows when she leaves and gets home and he doesnt live around here.

plinker021 asked:

I have a company car I let an employee use and I think they may be using it for more than work. I know there are vehicle tracking devices where you can watch the vehicle real-time on the internet but the ones I find have a monthly subscription cost. Are there any that don’t cost anything?

peter16 asked:

My car was broken into last night, and my Navigon GPS was taken, because it is a GPS device is there any way that I can track it online?
I don’t care how expensive it is, I just want to find out who stole my device, it may be helpful to the police as well as bringing the person to justice.