| Using GPS to track a stolen computer?

Using GPS to track a stolen computer?

madmarkuk2003 asked:

We’ve all heard stories of computers being stolen and being found via some ingenious detective work when the criminal uses them for web browsing.
But what is they actually have brain cells and just wipe the drive and sell it on? GPS technology is pretty affordable so why not just use a GPS data puller to query it’s location?

Does anyone know of any GPS devices that allow this sort of thing?
Not practical? Pipe dream? What about something similar to GPS dog tracking collars?

Also, a computer does not ‘become a nice paper weight’ when the drive is wiped, all you have to do is install an OS or boot one form a CD.

There are plenty of remote control programs already but I’d like to avoid those in case someone were to get hold of your password for it. The only difference in that system is that the OS is stored on the motherboard.

MAC address? Nice try but that can actually be changed very easily with a single ifconfig command on all real operating systems.
WOW leveling guide

I’m still looking at hardware devices here, can anyone suggest any?

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2 Responses to “Using GPS to track a stolen computer?”

  1. wierd on May 29th, 2009 7:53 am

    First, of all if you wiped the drive the computer would become a nice paper weight.

    Second, you think a criminal would be smart enough to do that?

    Third, If they took the risk of stealing the computer there is probably a very high chance they wanted to use it.

    Fourth, In Fall of 2008 (popular science estimate) there will be a new thing to recover your computer of make it not work. The program, which you need a new computer to get, will have a piece of hardware on the motherboard that will dictate what the computer will do if reported stolen. It would be impossible to use the computer if you removed the system (takes several hours, small screwdrivers, and a lot of patience). For more details visit the popular science website.

  2. Zox M on May 30th, 2009 3:11 pm

    the MAC address can be tracked. it won’t change unless the network card is changed.