Do I need to pay for GPS service?

Niranjan asked:

If I want to buy a GPS device for vehicle tracking, what are the fixed/recurring costs involved, apart from the cost of GPS device. Do I need to pay some one for GPS service?
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How to shop a GPS tracking device for yourself

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Vehicle tracking system or wireless CCTV?

Hengky W asked:

Hi, I’m looking for a device that can track my fleet. I”m suspecting my driver of some wrongdoing like carrying other people’s goods without permission.

I’m living in Indonesia, so I don’t think normal GPS tracking device will work here since Google earth and other mapping system do not have a complete map of the area. But I’m willing to listen to any suggestion.

Or maybe there is a spycam or security camera that I can monitor from the internet. Since I’m delivering goods to other states (over 100-200km) away, is there any wireless security camera that can work that far?

I’ll listen to any suggestions. Thanks
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Laptop tracking devices or something similar in case of theft?

drolsuper asked:

I have a new MacBook and am getting weird looks. I am thinking of just throwing in a GPS or something for the peace of mind. Any suggestions on whats out there or what I should get?

Already consider software based, not too interested.
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How do I remove the GPS tracking device virus someone installed on my sprint cell phone?

Turbo W asked:

I was at a party and some guy stole my cell phone and installed some GPS tracking device which lets him see who i call and see where i go 24 hours a day. Can someone tell me what the name of this program is and how do i remove it so he stops tracking me?

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Any place where I can get a GPS tracking device for my laptop?

rockingorangejuice asked:

i just got a new laptop, and im havent taked out of the box till I can get a gps tracking device for my laptop, is there anyway i can get one from free and the website for it? Thx as always. If there any I need to pay, let me know the site also and the price.

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Do I have to download software for a GPS tracking device in order to erase information?

corbren9904 asked:

I have a GPS tracking device that only works for 30 hours. I need to erase the information that is on it, but don’t have the software. Can the GPS be reset to delete information?

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How do I remove the loop cell phone GPS tracking device someone installed in my cell phone?

Cincy G asked:

My friend just had someone install some looping GPS tracking device without them knowing, they were able to see everything they were typing and calling and see exactly where they went by GPS. What is the program called and how do I uninstall it off her phone?

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How do I get this GPS tracking device out of my car?

John asked:

I found out my physcho girlfriend put a GPS tracking device in my car (accutracking). Where exactly can you put these things and also what does it look like, I need this thing out of my car as soon as possible!!

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Is there a way to track gps navigations already in a vehicle versus buying a separate gps tracking device?

sunshine_grin asked:

They sell gps tracking devices for hundreds of dollars, but isn’t there a way to just track the current gps navigation that is used in a car? Why have 2 devices if you can use the current one. Don’t both use satelite to get locations etc?

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Where would someone fit a concealed GPS tracking device on a car?

Somebody asked:

I’m getting a bit of unwanted attention. A few incidents have made me suspect that someone has fitted a GPS device on my car. Where would it be fitted?

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how can mess with a gps tracking device installed on your car?

David S asked:

Ive been told that I will have a gps tracking device installed on my vehicle and i was wondering if there is anyway to deactivate it or hack or w/e term to use, for my own personal privacy?

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Where can I buy a cheap, yet highly reliable, tracking device/gps, for tracking someones location?

reflection22 asked:

I was wondering if there is a way you could buy a tracking/gps device where you could always keep track where a person is, or car. For instance, saying a close person to you parked their car somewhere and you wondered when they would be home but they would not tell you, and they sometime like to suprise you lol.

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How would you put a GPS tracking device on your child and hide it from them?

hanzo7 asked:

With all the things thats going around on the news my wife and I are thinking of getting A GPS tracking device for our child she’s 7 years old and we are afraid of her getting kidnapped or going missing

We want to make it so it’s not noticeable to the abductor if she ever does get kidnapped and we don’t want her to know about it because she might take if off when she hits her teenage phase cause she doesn’t want her parents knowing where she is

So how would you go about doing this.

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